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The Agriturimo Villa Casalta is the ideal place for everyone people who wants relax surrounded by nature, without giving up the chance to visit beautiful places rich of ancient traditions.

From Villa Calsata you  can easy reach all the surrounding countries, like some of the famous places, e.g: San Gimignano, Siena, Pienza and Montepulciano, also with little tours specially arranged for you from our staff.

Moreover the possibility to have several tours of the region, also with unusual conveyance, here you can take part at wine and oil tasting, excellence products of this land.

Wine tasting

Villa Casalta's wine

At Villa Casalta like in other local companies we can organize a wine tasting, the most famous product of this region.

Through the wine tasting you will be able to grasp the nuances, understand it flavor and to learn to combine the wine to the dishes.

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Oil tasting

VIlla Casalta's Oil

The tuscany olive oil is famous all over the world as much as its wines.

At the Agriturismo VIlla Casalta is possible to taste Extra-Virign Olive Oil directly on the place of production.

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hot-air balloon tour

Flying over the chianti

The province of Siena and the Chianti zone are famous all over the world thanks to the great wines that come from this area and the beauty of the landscapes, why don't you visit it from a pint of view entirely new?

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Chianti tour on a Vespa scooter

The fun on two wheels

In the Summer, when the days are accompained by hot sun and you can breath  all its scents, the best way to enjoy our holiday is to going around with a Vespa scooter,  a true icon of italian design, famous of over 70 years.

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Safari wine tour in a vintage SUV

An adventure in the hills of Tuscany

A tour in Chianti is always a unique occasion, but if you do it on board on a old Land Rover, a British vintage SUV, it will be fantstic.

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Tuk Tuk Tour

A special taxi

This picturesque conveyance, also called "The Calessino", was born 1948 and is a transofmation at 3 wheel of the Vespa scooter. It has been used like touristic transport but today it has almost disappeared.

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