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Chianti is a hilly area known all over the world and is  in the centre of Tuscany, among tre provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Florence. Every time someone pronounces the word Chinti you immediately think to the excellent wine, which it takes its name from these areas where it is produced.

The most important villages in these waters are: Gaiole in Chinati, Radda in Chianti and Castellina in Chianti; they made  the Lega Fiorentina del Chianti and its emblem was the Gallo Nero (a black cock). Today the Gallo Nero zone includes also some municipalities in the province of Florence and they are: San Casciano and Tavernelle in Val di Pesa, Greve in Chianti and a part of Barberino Val d' Elsa.

Below you will find some directions to visit the area surrounding the Relais Villa Casalta.


Castellina in Chianti

Our village

The history of Castellina in Chianti is dating back to Etruscan period. This people settled down in the countryside of Castellina in Chinati in the fifth century b.C.  and the Cumulo di Montecalvario, still visible today, and the Necropolis of Rest are proof.

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San Gimignano

A stop-over  unmissable

San GImignano is famous all over the world as the city of the towers. The  architecture fo this city is unique and now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The city of the Palio

Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Italy. The most important point of this city is Piazza del Campo, which with its shell-shaped, hosts every year,  in July and in August, the famous Palio of Siena.

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Surroundings Siena

This beautiful village, built by the Sienese in 1200, was often a cause of conflict between Florence and Siena. The castle of Monteriggioni is known for its impregnability thanks to its 14 towers ovoid and the high walls. He managed to secure for centuries the independence of the Republic of Siena.

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The castle of Brolio

Castle and wine

The imposing castle of Brolio is located on a little hill in the Chianti's region, beetween the creeks Malena and Dudda.

For a long time at the castle there were many battles during the war between Florence and Siena. When Florence conquered Siena, Giuliano da Sangallo changed the structure that became a stately home, this home also hostedthe Sabauda monarchy.

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Radda in Chianti

A special village

Radda in Chianti is a medieval village with very ancient origins, dating back to the 9th century. The village is surrounded by walls very important and its main purpose was to defend the country from invaders.

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The city of arts

Italy is surely a country  to visit one time in life, and Florence is its most important art city, where were born: the culture, the art and the italian language.

We of Agriturismo Villa Casalta have prepared  for you some routes that will give you the opportunity to visit the most imortant places of this city

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The Via Francigena

From Florence to Siena

Along the Via Romea, a path that leads to Rome there is a a section that crosses through the Chinati's region from Florence to SIena.

This path starts from Porta Romana in Florence and arrives at Porta Camollia in Siena through a dirt road. It is easy and passable on foot or by bicycle during all the year.

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