Montecalvario and the Etruscans

The Etruscan tomb at Montecalvario

Montecalvario and the Etruscans

The Etruscans lived in our lands many centuries ago and today we have the fortune, thanks to expert archaeologists, to see the important and valuable historical remains of this extraordinary people.

At Montecalvario, a hill not far from the centre of Castellina in Chianti, you can visit an Etruscan tomb.
This tomb has a circular diameter of about 53 meters, and it is formed by four underground tombs. It has a main room and three side cells.

The mound, dates back VII-VI centuries b.c. , is one of the most important discoveries of all Chianti.

Discovered for the first time in the sixteenth century it was robbed of most of the equipment, but in the early 1900 it was brought to light and were found several iron and bronze decorations from the remains of a chariot. The objects found are visible in the Archaeological Museum of Castellina in Chianti inside the Rocca di Castellina.