The Church of San Salvatore

History and religion

The Church of San Salvatore

The original building dates back to the Middle Age (XVI century), but the church as we see it today, in Romanesque Revival style, was rebuilt and expanded after World War II on a three naves.

Inside there is a fresco depicting the Madonna Enthroned, it attributed to Bicci di Lorenzo (1373-1452) and there is also a Renaissance wooden statue, dedicated to St. Barnaba the ex  patron Saint of Castellina in Chianti.

In the right nave is preserved a wooden urn with gold decorations, it was donated by the Ugolini family to the church in the eighteenth century, into the urn there are the remains San Fausto, the current  patron Saint of Castellina. In the left nave you can admire a Annunciazione an artwork of the seventeenth century of Tuscan school.

To the left of the choir there is a Renaissance ciborium  dates back XV century, and behind the altar a crucifix of the XVII century. The three bells date back to 1797 and the transept there is a modern pipe organ.